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New Home ADR9W
I have recently moved to Rydal Park, a Senior Independent Living facility in PA. My osteoarthritis was too much for living in a two story townhouse. In changing my cable service Comcast (cursed be their name) lost the old ADR9 domain.

Your participation is requested!

Brief History of ADR  
Mike Carroll's Memoir includes ADR history and the Rumor purge 07-27-10
ADR Alumni Directory Active directory of former ADR employees:
includes email addresses & descriptions of current & past activities
ADR Rosters from 1988... more than 2000 names!  
Desperately Seeking ....Help! I have bad email addresses for these people  
ADR Photos Send me more photos!!  
ADR Advertising 1969 & 1987  
ADR Fire Nov 15, 1969  
ADR Links & Documents  

But seriously, folks ...

Your Guide to ADR -    the inside dope on how ADR really worked  
The Cobol-Aid Slogan   a great sales tool  
Model Personal Page -  this is the kind of information you should send me about yourself  

Steve Wright's Home Page

Read Marty Goetz's Message
Access his memoirs


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