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Subject: Hello from Marty Goetz
Date: April 18, 2004

Hello Everyone,

I was elated when Steve Wright e-mailed me about volunteering to put up a web site for ADR alumni. Back in 2000 Steve set up a similar web site for alumni of his WWII Army Specialized Training Program unit and located 470 of the 500 men who served with him. That web site is reachable from Steve's Home Page.

It would be great, if over time ADR could locate as high a percentage. ADR, at its peak in 1986 had over 1900 employees. We currently have about 160 names and e-mail addresses of former ADR people and I encourage everyone that reads this message to contact some of your former associates and tell them about the ADR web site. Please ask them to put their names and e-mail into the directory.

As for me, I continue to be active in the computer field, but in a much different way than at ADR. For one, I'm a Trustee and Director at the Charles Babbage Foundation which supports the Charles Babbage Institute (CBI) and other computer history organizations.

Back in late 2000 I spoke at a conference that CBI sponsored on "The Emergence of Software as a Product". That led them to be become interested in records I kept of on my 20 year involvement at ADAPSO, a computer trade association as well as some records I had on ADR's Software product division. CBI has archived many of these papers, and I cleaned out my basement.

Following that meeting, the editor of IEEE asked if I was interested in publishing my memoirs in their Annals of the History of Computing, a quarterly journal. The editors were planning a special issue entitled "The Start of the Software Industry", and we agreed that I would include the first half of my memoirs for that Jan- March 2002 issue. The second half appeared in the Oct -Dec 2002 issue. They graciously have given me permission to put both parts on the ADR Alumni site. They can be reached by clicking above.

Together they are about 32 pages long in PDF format. The heart of the memoirs covers my almost 30 year involvement in three areas:
1) combating IBM through ADAPSO, the US and EC courts, and in the marketplace;
2) my involvement with industry issues and specifically intellectual property and software protection), and
3) last but not least, the growth of ADR.

On a personal basis, there is a bookmarked section in Part 2 called Post-ADR: 1988 to the Present (2002). Anyone interested in my life after I left ADR in February 1988 can read that section. It includes a photo of my family, which at the time, included my two grandchildren. Happily, to bring you up to date, Karen now has 3 children and Ruthie just gave birth this past February to her first --- a beautiful girl weighing in at 6 pounds and 3 ounces. So we are now up to 4 grandchildren.

I'm not writing much these days. My last article was in Computerworld on-line and was titled "Unmasking Microsoft's Innovation Scam."
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One of the purposes of the ADR site is to share memories both good and bad. My memoirs, for instance, covered a 30 year period competing against IBM. Many of you I am sure can give some interesting, and hopefully amusing, anecdotes about some of your encounters with IBM -- be it in sales, development, support or what have you. For the late comers to ADR, and as covered in my memoirs, ADR competed with IBM in the 1960's and 70's with Autoflow; in the 60's (yes, 60's), 70's and 80's with Roscoe and Vollie, and in the 70's and 80's with Datacom.

Mike Guzik, Steve Wright, Don Jordan, Phil Berg, Joe Heidt, Pete Borkovitz, and many others hopefully remember their Autoflow days. We have many Roscoe and Vollie alumni already in the ADR directory including Joe Allegra, Tony Crosta, and John Griffin. Datacom alumni are to numerous to mention, but are already well represented in the directory. I'm sure people like Ad DeGraaf, Mike Fields, Steve Gerrard have many Datacom/DB2 or Roscoe/TSO war stories to tell us. Remember our salespeople's credo ------ "TSO sucks…………up your computer resources."

Many of the ADR products are still alive (I'm not sure … how well) and can be found at the CA site.
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It would be nice to hear from the people at CA about what is happening with Ideal, The Librarian, Metacobol, Rosco, Datacom and other ADR products.

With all my best to every one,


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