ADR Rosters from 1988

Remember the three-ring binder?

Frederica Leighton

Frederica Leighton (may her tribe increase) has lent me her copy of the 1988 ADR directory.

I proceeded to tear it up, rearrange it, edit it, massage it, and sort it, (digitally of course) to come up with a list of over 1700 names for ADR US/Canada, over 300 names for ADR Europe. and over 300 names for ADR International.

While my Canon Lide80 scanner is pretty good, some errors are sure to have crept in. If you find them, I hope you have the common decency not to bug me about them. I'm kidding, I'm kidding!

So go ahead and look up that old boyfriend or girlfriend whose name you have almost forgotten.

If you can contact some who are not currently listed on this site, urge them to look us up.

for for ADR US & Canada
Includes additional employees from the 1983 SPD directory furnished by Tom Dillingham

 for for ADR Europe

 for ADR International

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