Brief History of ADR
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Applied Data Research, Inc. (ADR)

Year Founded: 1959

Founders: Sherman Blumenthal, Martin A. Goetz, Ellwood Kauffman, David McFadden, Bernard Riskin, Robert Wickenden, Stephen Wright

Princeton, NJ


Founded as a contract programming firm by a group of Univac programmers, ADR initially contracted to provide systems software for computer manufacturers such as RCA and Honeywell. ADR released its first software product, AUTOFLOW, a program which produced program flowcharts, in 1965 and became one of the first software companies to set up a product-oriented marketing and support organization. One of ADR's founders, Martin A. Goetz, received the first patent issued on a software product in 1968. Other software products sold by ADR were The Librarian, MetaCOBOL, ROSCOE and VOLLIE.

Year of First Public Offering: 1965
Final Year in Business: 1986
Disposition: Sold to Ameritech for $215 million; Acquired by Computer Associates late 1988

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