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I learned programming on the Harvard Mark I in 1948, worked for UNIVAC 1950-59, programmed the first election projection, co-founded one of the first software companies.Details can be found on my personal page below.


Comcast (cursed be their name) killed the old website that I built on
I resurrected it on a new host ( that I got from GoDaddy.
A lot of the information is in the form it was in 2000-2004. Many of the people listed are no longer with us. There are some links to other websites that no longer exist.

At age 92, I don't plan to make major updates. Too busy playing bridge


Please note my new email address:

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My Personal Page

Univac, Eckert-Mauchly, & Early Computers

Photos, Documents & Links


ADR - Applied Data Research
A software company I co-founded in 1959.

Photos, history, and information on former employees



This is the website of my WWII Army unit. We located 470 of the 500 men who served with me. Rosters, addresses, photos, obituaries and reminiscences.


Family Page

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